HostAdvice Speaks to Afacerver

This time we are speaking with someone representing a web hosting provider from the Estonian Market.

We are glad to speak with Mr. Dmitri from Afacerver. He will tell us more about their products and services and more about the web hosting industry in general.

We always start our interviews with a bit of history about the company. Please tell us when your company was founded, and what was the idea behind it?

The company was founded in 2009.

The idea was and is to create friendly and affordable hosting for individuals and companies, which includes the best quality of services among hosting companies.

Why web hosting? From where did you get the idea about offering hosting services?

Web hosting helps to combine ordinary life with the Internet.

So that people can express themselves to a wider range of customers or simplify their work through automation.

Firstly, our country Estonia is very developed in IT, here almost everything can be done without leaving your home, everything is done through websites. And, for that purpose, you need web hosting.

Secondly, my mindset: I love automating and simplifying everything with the help of websites. So when I started learning web programming, having my own hosting was the logical outcome. When I was studying, I bought services from different hosting companies in Estonia and abroad. Undoubtedly, each had something good, but there was also something that I wanted to improve or simplify. Therefore, I decided to create the best version of the platform for my work and then for clients.

What are the products and services that you are offering at the moment?

The main direction is shared Linux hosting. We also offer dedicated servers and VPS, as well as registration of multiple domains.

Most of the customers are interested in the speed, security, and backup of data. How are you handling that part?

Yes, I agree that this is what interests them in the first place and they are right. We tried different ways to achieve this and found the best solutions.

For speed, we have increased the power of servers and made sure that the overall load on resources is at an acceptable level with a large margin of safety.

Individual clients calmly use the limits allocated to them without creating problems for their neighbors. The servers are located in one of the most modern and secure data centers in Tallinn. The system of their protection has the quality mark of the FBI.

All these advantages can be useless if you need a backup that is not available.

Or there is, but it also stores the wrong data, so we make backups daily and store them for 2 months. The client himself can restore the backup of the database or files with a couple of clicks for any date!

Active protection against site hacking and spam is also used.

How is Afacerver handling customer satisfaction?

Firstly, we try not to create such situations that the client is dissatisfied.

If this does happen, such as due to new server requirements, increased needs, or just some misunderstanding, we try to find out how we can help. We try to engage in dialogue to find a suitable solution or compromise.

All reviews on the Internet about us are good.

Some may say that this does not happen. Yes, of course, they were dissatisfied for the reasons described above, but we discussed why they were not satisfied with and found a solution to the problem, and naturally, they did not have to write bad reviews.
Usually, bad reviews are written when support is not looking for a way to hear the customer. We try our best to make everyone happy.

We mentioned that you operate from Estonia. What other countries are you currently active in as a company? What are your plans for expanding in other countries?

Yes, our clients are mainly from Estonia, but the Internet is open 24/7 all over the world, so we are glad to everyone with whom we could successfully cooperate. We have customers from Scandinavia, Europe, and America

There are also clients from Finland and there is a plan to expand in this direction.

In your opinion, what’s the most important thing for one web hosting provider?

Benefit the customer and grow together.

What are the top things that make Afacerver different from the competition?

  • Customer benefit comes first
  • Ease of use
  • Support response speed
  • Quality of support responses
  • Ability to communicate with the client

What are the plans of Afracerver in the long run? Where do you see the company in the next ten years?

Make tens or even hundreds of thousands of customers happy and build your own data center.

Finally, would you like to share anything else with the hosting community?

Thank you for this interview, it was very nice to share and go back to the beginning of this journey.
I noticed that nothing works badly when you use it yourself, and we build sites on our own hosting, so we automatically monitor its performance more sensitively.
And, when it comes to human relations, our motto is: Treat the client the way you would like to be treated.