HostAdvice Research: Everything You Need To Know About cPanel in 2022

HostAdvice Research: Everything You Need To Know About cPanel in 2022

All web hosting types need a control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools that simplify the web hosting process for the users and website owners. One such control panel is the cPanel. The cPanel is a web hosting control panel software that almost all providers use. And aside from using it as part of other types of hosting like managed, WordPress, etc., cPanel has its own hosting type.

cPanel hosting is Linux-based web hosting. It includes an installation of a cPanel account, which allows you to view and control many different aspects of your website all in one place. The cPanel account comes with the plan. From your cPanel account, you can access multiple web files, databases like MySQL, data tracking, statistics, SEO features, etc. It works similarly to a desktop application.

In practice, cPanel hosting is when a provider manages and operates a server with WHM and creates cPanel accounts for their customers on the same server. It can be used for all kinds of hosting like shared, dedicated, VPS, etc.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that cPanel has to offer:

  • Easy to use: cPanel hosting or cPanel itself is very simple and easy to use because it categorizes different features under easily distinguishable modules. This enables users to find the features easily. The cPanel also has an intuitive dashboard that has menus and graphics that are easy to navigate
  • Compatible: cPanel, as one of the most widely used control panels, works with various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Also, cPanel supports any third-party apps, like site builders and SEO tools
  • Numerous features: cPanel allows consumers to execute complex operations such as setting subdomains and FTP accounts, managing MySQL databases, and generating site backups without requiring sophisticated technical knowledge
  • Software installation is automatic: CPanel comes with a lot of features, but it also works nicely with Softaculous Apps Installer, which handles all aspects of an app’s lifecycle, including installation and updates. It gives users access to hundreds of apps, including popular CMSs
  • Superior support: cPanel has a wealthy knowledge base filled with forums and blogs that can help users with any issue they might have. There are also many manuals available on how to use and manage both cPanel and WHM

However, cPanel hosting also has some drawbacks:

  • Security risks: The two-factor authentication (2FA) technique used by cPanel is subject to brute force assaults. These assaults can be avoided by keeping your cPanel version updated
  • Expensive license: Compared to its competitors, cPanel has the most expensive license. Going with cPanel hosting can help reduce your costs if you only use it to manage a website because the provider you choose will lend you their license so that you don’t have to purchase it on your own
  • Risk of file corruption: During extensive updates, the cPanel system may inadvertently overwrite server settings and delete all data. Data can be deleted due to a hard drive crashing or failing. When this happens, try to restore your web server using a thorough disaster recovery plan

[Note] To access the cPanel dashboard, most providers include direct links in the welcome email they send to customers. This way, you can instantly access your dashboard. However, if your provider does not send you a direct link, you can use the browser’s address bar to log in to your cPanel account. [Note]

Due to the many advantages and wide use of cPanel, many providers offer cPanel hosting. One such provider is Afacerver. Afacerver offers its customer a cPanel control panel, the use of PHP and MySQL, Installatron, etc. Afacerver also offers three different hosting plans that can fit any budget, regardless of the budget size.

If you want to get to know Afacerver more and see what others think of this provider, you can check out what our users over at HostAdvice have to say.

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Final Remarks

cPanel hosting provides users with a cPanel account included in the plan they pay for. It is an intuitive control panel software with a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate.

It places features like files, databases, web apps, domains, statistics, SEO tools, etc., all in one place, allowing users to find everything they need quickly. Additionally, cPanel makes running a website, managing online files, and performing numerous duties much more effortless.